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Wireless Meat Thermometers for Grill Smoker, Morpilot Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer Smart Remote Digital Cooking Food with 6 Upgraded Probes for Outdoor Grilling Smoker Oven Griddle Indoor Kitchen

Product Features:

    Morpilot Pro Cooking Thermometer With 5+1 Probes ComboSimply plug the probe into the meat, and choose the type and the degree of doneness in the iPhone & Android Phone App,You will know the real time status of six foods at the same time with your phone or iPad, even…
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Product Description

Morpilot Pro Cooking Thermometer With 5+1 Probes Combo

Simply plug the probe into the meat, and choose the type and the degree of doneness in the iPhone & Android Phone App,You will know the real time status of six foods at the same time with your phone or iPad, even you are 160 feet away! It will alarm on both the device and your phone when the food is ready.

Perfect choice for :
– Chicken
– Ham
– Turkey
– Pork
– Beef- Roast
– Smoker
– Grill
– Food

Permanently Free App
The device needs to work with Smart BBQ Meter which is installed on your iPhone or Android phone. Temperature Range
grip probes & Wire – For Normal grilling , Rated up to 428°F
Stainless Steel grip probes & Wire – For Extreme grilling or ambient temp monitoring, Rated up to 716°F
Don’t expose probe or probe wire to open flames or barbeque.

±1.8°F (±1°C)

Doneness Levels Setting
Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done for differently cooked food.

Cable Length
47.24″ stainless steel mesh cable

Probe Length
3.93 ” food grade stainless steel probe

The Bluetooth Wireless Range from the transmitter unit to your phone
Outdoor : 50 meter / 160 ft
Indoor: 30 meter / 100 ft
Wireless Range may vary depending on the surroundings.

The APP and transmitter unit alarms will be triggered upon the temperature is lower or higher than your setting temperature.

What’s in the package
1* Smart BBQ Combo Meter
5* Probes
1* Stainless Steel Grip Probes with racks
1* A Style Probe Clip
1* User Manual

Product Features

  • SENSOR PROBE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – The probes are manufactured to rigid standards and should function accurately indefinitely if used as directed. However, we understand that accidents happen so if a probe is damaged and stops reporting the accurate temperature, please return the damaged probe for replacement so that you can continue to enjoy your Morpilot Thermometer.
  • SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE WIRELESS MEAT THERMOMETER – Comes with 5 shape probe and 1 UPGRADED probes enabling you to keep a probe in 6 different foods.When each reaches the desired internal temperature you will see this on the big, clear LCD display of the thermometer and also hear the alarms from each probe that mean that food is ready to eat.
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH COOKING BY SMART PHONE – You can also use your smart phone. After downloading the app “Smart BBQ Meter” from PlayStore or App Store you can choose the desired degree of doneness for up to 6 different foods and know when each is cooked to the temperature recommended by the USDA (preset) or to the degree of doneness selected manually by you.
  • MONITOR FOOD FROM 160 FEET AWAY – The Morpilot Thermometer has a bluetooth connection, which allows you to keep check from up to 160 feet away. No need to keep running back and forth between house and grill or opening the oven door trying to keep an eye on everything at once. Prepare other parts of the meal or chat with guests while you wait for the alarms to go off on the device and your phone.
  • EASY TO USE & SMART REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS – Each probe has a thin wire about 4′ long. Insert the probes into the meat or other food and attach its wire to the thermometer. The probes are very thin and do hardly any damage to meat. When each food with a probe reaches the desired temperature or degree of doneness this can be seen on the LCD screen of the thermometer and on your phone, and you will also hear an alarm. The information from the thermometer is sent wirelessly to your phone.